RTG Online OPEN HOUSE is here! 
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For The Graduates

Valuable real time work experience in one of the most exciting sectors in Greece.

For The Companies

Working with young, fresh and eager graduates.
Finding valuable employees for the future.
Enhancement of the public profile of the maritime sector in Greece.

Invest in the future, the graduates, your future, your graduates

Real Time Graduates


Ιt’s here! As Real Time Graduates is growing, it was about time to launch our new project where we will keep you updated on our progress. We found out that this is a great way to stay in touch with our #RTGraduates.
You are free to share your ideas if you want to and don't miss #RTGinNumbers in social media.

This month’s news

Issue #2

Highlight of the month

We hosted our first online RTG Open House #stayhome #staysafe   

Job Opportunities

We had an opening at a big engine constructing company
We had an opening for Naval Architects at a Shipyard
We had an opening at a Shipbroking House
We had an opening at a ShipManagement Company at the Legal Dept. - Safety Dept. Accounting Dept.
We had an opening at Shipping Law Firm in London

Stay tuned and #ShareTheKnowledge 

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