2nd RTG Open House at the Institute of Chartered ShipBrokers Greek Branch


As part of our Real Time Graduates Open House events, we are collaborating with the Hellenic Management Centre/the Greek Brach of the Institute of Chartered ShipBrokers (ICS) for the organization of two events exclusively for the registered members of RTG.

The first one took place on Thursday 25th of January 2018, with the topic: “ Intro to Chartering Practice” and speaker was Ms. Amalia Miliou – Theocharaki , Chartering Manager, TEO Shipping Corporation.

The second seminar took place on Friday 9th of February 2018 with the topic:

SHIP SALE & PURCHASE: The Life of a Sale & Purchase Broker

The speaker of the event Mr. Simon Ward, FICS, Director, S&P, Ursa Shipbrokers S.A. explained and discussed with the RTG registered members that attended the event the basic principles of SnP.
The basic structure of the event was the following:

- What does an S&P broker do?

- Who do they do it with?

- How do they do it?

- What qualifications, characteristics and information do they need?

- What are the positives?

- What are the negatives?

 http://www.investinthefuture.gr/files/data/blog/simon.jpg http://www.investinthefuture.gr/files/data/blog/simon2.jpg