ICS Annual Professional Maritime Programme

The Hellenic Management Centre, the official educational provider of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, in Greece, offers the unique professional course, ICS Professional Maritime Programme.

The ICS Professional Maritime Programme is an annual professional course which has been designed to meet the international shipping industry’s needs. The curriculum is taught by professionals of the shipping market and provides the participants with an excellent basis for career development and immediate implementation to the working environment. The syllabus is covered from a practical point of view with analysis of case studies, workshops and real-life examples.

The Course prepares, also, the participants to sit for the ICS Professional Qualifying Examinations, which lead to ICS Membership, the only internationally recognized professional qualification within the shipping sector.

The ICS Professional Maritime Programme consists of seven (7) modules which are taught in two semesters. Participants will go through a wide range of topics which cover the whole spectrum of the shipping market within one academic year (Sept to May or Jan to Nov). Compulsory modules will give a comprehensive overview of the shipping business, the practitioners involved, the maritime legal aspects and maritime economics. The elective modules will provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the vital parts of the everyday commercial shipping business i.e. Dry Cargo Chartering, Tanker Chartering, Ship Operations, Marine Insurance, S&P, Shipping Finance, Port Agency, Shipping Law


It is addressed to:

  • Shipping Professionals - shipbrokers, operators, charterers, maritime lawyers, agents, finance executives, etc. - who wish to upgrade their theoretical and practical background and certify their expertise.
  • Officers of the Merchant Marine - willing to enhance their sea-going experience and practice with the commercial knowledge.
  • Graduates and Professionals of various sectors - finance, management, business administration, law and engineering - who wish to enter into the shipping industry.


All Lecturers are Members of the Instituted of Chartered Shipbrokers and accredited tutors. They are distinguished industry professionals and each of them is an expert at the field of his practice. Thought the learning process and advanced teaching methods, lecturers provide participants with an eye-opening experience and transmit their extensive professional experience.

The Course starts in January 2020 and ends in November 2020. Classes take place twice per week (Monday-Wednesday/Tuesday-Thursday) during evening hours (19:00-21:30) at the HMC premises, in the center of Piraeus.

Registrations for January’s 2020 Intake are now open.

For applications and further information, contact us: +30 210 4125945,
e-mail: helmc@otenet.gr or 
visit website: www.helmc.com.