Ocean Infinity to acquire robot ships to its fleet

Specifically, Ocean Infinity's new company Armada will add 15 marine robots to Ocean Infinity’s current fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles.

The fleet that does not require the presence of men onboard or a host vessel nearby, will be controlled and operated by mariners with expertise through satellite communications from facilities located in Austin, Texas, and Southampton, England.

The company comments that because of lack of people onboard, the vessels will be 'the safest the industry has seen.'

Also, each unmanned surface robot will serve a variety of industries, being able to perform offshore data acquisition and intervention operations down to a depth of 6,000 meters.

The concept of the fleet produces up to 90% less CO2, in comparison to other conventional survey vessels.

Concluding, Armada’s fleet is currently under construction and is expected to be deployable by the end of 2020.

Dan Hook, Managing Director for Armada, commented that

With no requirement for a host vessel, we are breaking new ground in the area of sub-sea technology and data.  We look forward to providing our existing and new clients with a best in class solution that will be revolutionary for the industry.

 Source: Safety4Sea.com