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Future of LNG Oversupply or Shortage?


As the industry is stepping into the new year, the speculations and forecasts about the future of the LNG market are ranging from doom to boom. But which is the most likely scenario? Or will the market see both as it shifts from LNG oversupply to a shortage in a matter of a few years?

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What to Expect from the Maritime Industry in 2019


2018 is drawing to a close, and the maritime industry is looking forward to the changes that the new year might bring. Will all of it be positive or should marine professionals prepare for the worst? Here are some of the industry developments to look out for in 2019.

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Update on LNG Industry Development


The LNG industry development is moving along rapidly with new gas discoveries, fresh projects and heightened interest from buyers. The coming years are expected to be even more active and profitable for exporters.

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