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IACS Data assurance of computer-based systems onboard


IACS recently issued a report supplementing the UR E22 with regards to digital data assurance of Category I, II and III computer based system on board, ship to ship and ships to shore systems. Data Assurance may be intended as the activity, or set of activities, aimed at enforcing the security of data generated, processed, transferred and stored in the operation of computer based systems on board ships.

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Green Shipping Is More Than Cleaner Fuels


The maritime community is abuzz with upcoming 2020 regulations on the sulphur content in marine fuel. As the sulphur cap will lower the amount from 3.5% to 0.5%, shipowners are looking into scrubbers, alternative fuels and ways of retrofitting ships to be compliant.

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IACS: Guidelines on ship board network architecture


IACS issued a recommendation report citing broad guidelines on ship board network architecture. The recommendation broadly covers various aspects from design to installation phases which should be addressed by the Supplier, system integrator and yard.

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