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Weird Ways to Produce Green Marine Fuels


Air pollution is one of the most serious issues faced today, and shipping is part of the problem. It accounts for about 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and that number could jump to as much as 17% by 2050 because most vessels operate on carbon-rich fuels.

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Geography - more than where places are


An article written by our registered member Mr. Dionysios Tsilioris, MICS. Being geographical is inescapable; we do not have to be conscious of it. We always have to engage with people, places and our environment. Ships have been plying between the many ports of our orb since antiquity. For professionals in the shipping industry, geographical knowledge has always been an essential part of their understanding of the markets. Geography forms the canvas onto which the practitioners can lay in good order the scattered, heterogeneous information previously received or collected.

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