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How to improve crew welfare at sea


Dr. Phil Sharples, Senior Medical Director, UnitedHealthcare Global Medical, discussed how mainstream healthcare is embracing technology to deliver higher quality medical care and how some of these initiatives could apply to the maritime industry. These initiatives include the utilization of low bandwidth video consultations to improve accessibility of medical care onboard, as well as electronic medical records systems to secure seafarer heath data.

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Fatigue Risk Management Guide issued for US towing industry


The American Waterways Operators, representing the US tugboat, towboat and barge industry, has released a new safety guide as the latest milestone in its two-decade effort to reduce the risk of fatigue-related accidents in the towing industry, working in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, the National Transportation Safety Board, and internationally renowned sleep experts.

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Alternative fuels the options


DNV GL has issued a new white paper assessing a range of alternative fuels and technologies. Titled “Alternative fuels and technologies for greener shipping”, the paper examines the cost, availability, regulatory challenges and environmental benefits of alternative fuels and technologies.

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As the Environment Wins, Ship Engines May Lose


The upcoming regulations on the sulphur content in ship fuel, lowering it from 3.5% to 0.5% in 2020, is pushing shipping’s fuel mix to be more diverse. This means that natural gas and other low carbon and sulphur alternatives will go to the forefront in order to ensure the protection of the environment.

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