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Your Company may already be a respected part of the Greek Shipping Community. With your participation in Real Time Graduates , you also will become a part of an educational Community that welcomes young Graduates in the Shipping World.

Real Time Graduates will be ever evolving taking into account the valuable feedback and insight that will be provided by the Companies to us.

 We want Real Time Graduates to become a tool for Graduates and Shipping Companies alike. 


 If you are a Ship Management Company, Chartering Desk, Shipping Agent, S P Broker, Legal Institution, you are welcome to participate in Real Time Graduates and invest in the future of Greek Shipping!
Participating Companies will hopefully provide a minimum of 2 internship positions per year.
 A company that employs more than 40 employees will hopefully provide a minimum of 3-4 internship positions per year.
 The duration of the internship is 3-4 months.

Placement Guidelines

 It is always helpful if someone from the company is appointed as person in charge (PIC). This person can be from any department. This person will act as a coordinator and make up a schedule for the graduate. This is generally recommended as it helps with a smooth placement and easier follow up of the educational procedure.

If a graduate is going to go to various departments of a company, try to work out a rotation before the graduate joins. Keep in mind the department's workload when doing so.

 Encourage other people in each department, as well as the heads of the departments to embrace the teaching aspects of the programme.

 A graduate can collect his questions and together with the PIC assign an hour every week for the questions to be answered. This is very valuable to the Graduates and we encourage all managers to take place in this process.

Real Time Graduates can obtain, for reference only , material with regards to the documents required to be executed between the Company and the student concerning his/her participation in the educational activities / actions of the company. In this regard, Real Time Graduates has prepared Support Material for the Companies including a draft teaching agreement (συμφωνητικό μαθητείας), a suggested non-disclosure agreement for the graduates to sign, as well as a brief description of the legal framework regarding unpaid work placement in Greece.

 After the work placement is over, the company has no obligation to renew any agreement with the graduate. It is suggested however that a form (which we will provide to the Companies) is completed offering some suggestions to the graduate for his further progress.

The teaching agreement (συμφωνητικό μαθητείας) can not be renewed but in the case the company wishes to hire the graduate after this time, this is done by any regular employment contract used by the company.

 There is no fee for Real Time Graduates

 The graduate, under the teaching agreement which will be signed, is in the organization to learn. This does not mean that he cannot be involved in practical tasks however these tasks must be aligned with what he is expected to learn from this position.

 In all companies it is prudent that the first couple of days are spent discussing with the graduate the general operating mode of the company, its various departments, their way of operation between themselves etc.

 It is encouraged that graduates are included in any weekly meetings that may be held in the company as observers. This also enhances their teaching experience.

 In no way will Real Time Graduates be held liable for the conduct of the company or the graduate respectively.

The present guidelines are not intended to convey or constitute legal advice, and are not a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a qualified attorney.

Registered companies can contact us for their supporting material.