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At Real Time Graduates we believe that one of the most important opportunities a young graduate will be given at the start of his career will be through real life experience. As with other fields, the same applies in the Greek Shipping sector whether that is in a Ship Management Company, a Legal Firm or any other Company affiliated with the Shipping Sector.

We see this opportunity as a first step through the door!

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  •  If you are looking for an unpaid placement in Shipping, welcome! Real Time Graduates welcomes graduates which have completed their studies in a field directly relevant to the Shipping Sector at an Undergraduate or a Postgraduate Level. Non relevant CVs and applications will not be considered. Greek as well as foreign Universities titles will be considered. Furthermore, applicants with previous work experience of more than 6 months in the shipping sector will not be considered.
  •  The age limit for participating in Real Time Graduates is 32 years old.

General Information

How to use your internship more effectively?

  •  All questions are encouraged! You can waste precious time trying to figure out something because you are too embarrassed to ask.
  •  If your placement is with a ship management company and you go to more departments than one, try to understand how each department operates and how the departments work with each other. Try to remember that a shipping company is a chain made up of departments that link with each other. You will never be successful in what you do if you don't respect the work that your colleagues do.


  •  The most important thing to remember, and this can not be stressed enough, is that all and any information exchanged within the organization you will be placed is confidential and remains the intellectual property of the organization. This also applies for the way the organization operates, its clients, its ideas, its strategy etc. Betraying the trust put in you by the programme and the organization you are placed in can have detrimental effects on your career in this close knit community.


 Registered members can contact us for their supporting material.

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